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FutbolKingdom is committed to developing all levels of students via training of the highest standards of quality. With our program, you will be able to understand football in a holistic manner. We will be teaching players more than to kick the ball and improve their technique. We are also interested in teaching players how to create an advantage for themself and the team each time they step into the field. Playing football the smart and progressive way.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To utilize our environment to exploit each player towards achieving a more significant decision in their lives. We will ensure that every student will be in a safe and fun learning environment.

To Empower youth athletes to accomplish their goals in football and life


Players Pathway

The Player Pathway highlights the various levels of stage that a player can pass through as they progress towards making a career in the game.

Players are able to enter the Pathway at any stage, dependent on their ability.  Once a player has reached the elite level, we will then start recommending the players to go for trials in a professional club as well as national level teams.

Coaches Pathway

The FutbolKingdom coaches pathway is designed with the focus to provide a platform to the coaches to enhance their coaching skills based on their experience and knowledge. 

Every coach has a skill set which is essential to different team and players. In such view, we open our doors to Grassroots Certs, Educational Sports Certs, FIFA Certs. We also provide an In House Coaching Cert should each individual wants to improve themself within the Academy.

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