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Are you a coach, or are you a COACH!!!!!

Allow me to share the coach's in regards to youth football.

The world revolves around many different kinds of football coaches.

Let's speak about 2 for now.

Football Coaching

Number 1

The role model

This coach will guide you, and he may one day turn out to be your friend where you end up having coffee with as you grow.

Number 2

The demanding one

This coach is going to scream at you all day long, he is going to push you and everyone in the team, and if you make a mistake, you know you are going to have one hell of a fitness drill after the training session.

So if you are planning to be a coach, choose wisely. Here is my view of the coach

The role model coach is willing to help each and every player, and he is always very calm and in control of himself. He comes into the coaching journey not to prove himself but for the love of the sport and the idea of helping players. He believes the lower level players should be given the opportunity, and he is never afraid to lose a football match. His main focus is the development of the players technically, physically, and most important, mentality. Maturing the players is a vital goal. Usually, most professional captains come from the role model coach as he builds the values to the players, and it stays with them through their life.

In his training session, you will not hear screaming. You will see players enjoying the session with a smile. You will see the coach pulling the player out from the drill, and he will explain to him the wrongdoing personally, and the player will then sprint back to the drill area.

This coach usually use the SANDWICH MODEL, which is Positive Negative Positive.

For example, he will speak to his player in this manner.

(Positive) "you received the ball with perfect control, and you played a great through pass"

(Negative) Now, the player that received your pass took his touch to the side of the field - if you had followed up ur pass by running forward to support him, we could have still been in possession of the ball. You could have been another option to him. You could have easily made the zone a 3 v 3 situation rather than a 3v2 situation.

(Positive) Nonetheless, it was a great control and pass. We need more of this kind of passes in our team.

When the role model coach speaks to his team as a whole, he usually gives his talk based on the team performance and how the team can improve by helping each other, supporting each other, and he will not blame one or two-person on the pitch if the team fails in that match.

The role model coach usually sees himself as a = teacher, motivator and he usually is someone very sociable, pleasant and speaks very firmly

Moving on, let us get into the mind of the


The demanding one is all set and ready for his players. In his mind now is to reach the objective at all cost. He is going to push the lower level players so hard until they reach his level of standard. The football match for him is the most essential 90+ mins. He will not settle for anything less than a WIN. Should you not win the match, you know you are walking into a fiery dressing room.

The demanding coach usually tells a player you are wrong. He does not go two ways about it. If you made a mistake means you made a mistake. He wants you to know it. He will go to and extend of telling you that your one mistake cause the team the defeat.

The speech of the coach is usually directed toward how to meet the objective. He goes personally into the role of each player, so the plan will be executed well.

He usually sees himself as an executor or an architect of the game.

The demanding coach is usually fiery up, as he has a winning mentality, and he cant let the players bring him down. Frustration goes deep into him as his planning is well planted, but one mistake from a player it can be doomed.

Every coach is a good coach, and every player reacts differently to the different style of coach. Some players enjoy the fun and pleasant training session, some players like to be pushed to their limit and put to the test. Most importantly, players leave the field with knowledge and gain something out of it. Either the soft and pleasant way or the hard and fiery way.

So are you a coach, or are you a COACH!!!!! ?

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